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Interior Design & Styling

The Course

This course is designed to give you an insight of Interior design through talks and practical exercises. Interior stylists are involved in creating most life images one sees in the media. Space styling is not just about picking out colours and fabrics to make a space more beautiful but is also about combining knowledge with aesthetic vision, creativity, functionality and client's needs. Interior Design Styling is a widely sought after professional field that has acute demand for the creative professionals willing to shape their career.

At JDCL, Interior design & styling is focused on new age, environmental design trends popular in Europe. You will not only learn how to style your own living space but also learn on how to create commercial property interiors. As a stylist you need to understand the clients' requirements and be able to develop a concept accordingly. You will be asked to present your ideas to design a residential space and commercial interior. You will have an opportunity to gain hands-on experience of styling for a photo-shoot.

The programme will include 8 modules of study and research work:

  • The Design Process
  • Planning a Room Layout
  • Creating Additional Space or Storage Space
  • Turning Ideas into Reality
  • Working with Colour, Pattern and Texture
  • Developing Interior Styles
  • Room-by-Room Considerations
  • Furniture and Upholstery


Course Duration

4 weeks

Course Fee

We recommend you to refer to our Fees section for more details.

Upcoming Course Date

27th of June 2015


Classes will be held for 6-8 hours per week plus self study and research work. You will receive the actual timetable on your Induction Day.