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Campus Course Student Fees


Fees, Payments & Withdrawal

2015 Rates 

1 Month Residential Short Course* Standard fee
1 Month Non-Residential Short Course*  £2000
E- Learning  £299

You can opt for either of the two options: Residential package or Non-Residential package.

Residential Short Course fee package includes your tuition fee, round trip airfare from your nearest city with flights to London Heathrow, living accommodation including dinner and breakfast, transportation within London, for all program related activities which include museum/exhibitions visits, social events and a photo-shoot at a studio with a crew of Industry Professionals. An air fare surcharge may apply to certain countries.

Non-Residential Short Course fee package includes all of the above except living accommodation & food.

How to Pay

Fees must be paid prior to the start date of the course. JDCL encourages all participants to pay the fees in advance to secure their place. JDCL accepts payments through credit/debit cards and all online payments including paypal and bank transfer as well.

For further assistance on the above info please email


Residential/Non Residential Short Course: If you decide to withdraw from the course before the start date a refund deducting any charges that might have been applied by a third party will be processed for you.

International Students: If your visa has been refused a full refund deducting a £50 admin fees will be processed for you.

We are unable to process any refunds once the course has started and you decide to withdraw.

E-Learning: We are unable to accept cancellations on our e-learning courses once the login/access details to the course have been provided.