JD Campus Partners

A Little History First

We started off as the latest addition to the 25 year old, Worldwide JD Fashion Institute, offering campus based courses on a range of fashion related subjects at our Paddington, London campus. After receiving a vast amount of inquiries to put some of our courses digital and offer the same great learning experience for those students that couldn't make it into the campus, we decided to build e-learning courses.

So with all this in mind we launched a new website and digital marketing campaigns across affiliate sites, our college network and marketing to existing students. The result was more then we could have ever hoped for, our students exceed 30,000 and now come from 5 continents and 35 countries.  Along the journey we also discovered some other interesting facts:

  • We found that students really loved our e-learning courses and would often complete one course only to buy another one
  • Our students regularly asked for courses that would help them to further their goals that lay outside of our own fashion, design and styling expertise
  • Students also wanted courses delivered through our intuitive learning center that works with any device or browser
  • So we set out to carefully hand select likeminded course providers that advertise on our website

What is a JDCL Partner?

JDCL partners are independent course providers that offer high quality related courses that we have selected based on the following criteria:

  • They have great customer ratings and good reviews from their students
  • They have a high number of students enrolling on their courses
  • They offer a course outside of our speciality but can further our students aspirational goals
  • JDCL partner courses are hosted on our own site and marketed through our extensive student network



If you think your course maybe suitable for our platform, find out more about Becoming a Partner Here!