21 Hours 20 Minutes
75 Videos
243 Test Questions

Microsoft 70-740 Installation, Storage and Compute with Windows Server 2016

Installation, Storage and Compute is the first of a series of courses and exams designed to achieve the MCSA certification in Windows Server 2016. This course covers the installation of Windows Server through standard manual means and image based installations discussing various requirements and different versions.

  • Course Overview
  • Modules Covered
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Course Overview

What will you learn:

This course includes 22 hours of instruction and 75 videos. Throughout this course students will learn the following:

  • How to install Windows Server 2016 in Host and Compute Environments
  • Configuring Active Directory Networks for Host and Compute Environments
  • Implementing Local and Enterprise Storage Solutions
  • Implementing Hyper-Virtualization and Containers
  • Implementing High Availability
  • Maintaining and Monitoring Windows Server 2016

Modules Covered

Module 1: Installing Windows Server 2016 in Host and Compute Environments
  • Course Introduction
  • Determining Windows Server 2016-Part1
  • Determining Windows Server 2016-Part2
  • Determining Windows Server 2016-Part3
  • Determining Windows Server 2016-Part4
  • Determining Windows Server 2016-Part5
  • Installing Windows 2016-Part1
  • Installing Windows 2016-Part2
  • Installing Windows 2016-Part3
  • Installing Windows 2016-Part4
  • Installing Windows 2016-Part5
  • Managing Windows Installation With Windows PowerShell
  • Creating Managing And Maintaining Windows Images For Deployment-Part1
  • Creating Managing And Maintaining Windows Images For Deployment-Part2
  • Creating Managing And Maintaining Windows Images For Deployment-Part3
  • Creating Managing And Maintaining Windows Images For Deployment-Part4
Module 2: Configuring Active Directory Networks for Host and Compute Environments
  • Overview Of Active Directory Domain Services-Part1
  • Overview Of Active Directory Domain Services-Part2
  • Overview Of Active Directory Domain Services-Part3
  • Overview Of ADDS Domain Controllers-Part1
  • Overview Of ADDS Domain Controllers-Part2
  • Deploying Domain Controllers-Part1
  • Deploying Domain Controllers-Part2
  • Overview Of Group Policy Purpose Components And Processes-Part1
  • Overview Of Group Policy Purpose Components And Processes-Part2
  • Overview Of Group Policy Purpose Components And Processes-Part3
  • Creating And Configuring GPOs-Part1
  • Creating And Configuring GPOs-Part2
  • Security Management Using Group Policy-Part1
  • Security Management Using Group Policy-Part2
  • Security Management Using Group Policy-Part3
Module 3: Implementing Local and Enterprise Storage Solutions
  • Managing Disk And Volumes In Windows Server 2016-Part1
  • Managing Disk And Volumes In Windows Server 2016-Part2
  • Managing Disk And Volumes In Windows Server 2016-Part3
  • Managing Disk And Volumes In Windows Server 2016-Part4
  • Implementing And Managing Storage Spaces-Part1
  • Implementing And Managing Storage Spaces-Part2
  • Implementing And Managing Storage Spaces-Part3
  • Configuring Data Duplication-Part1
  • Configuring Data Duplication-Part2
  • Understanding Various Types Of Storage
  • Comparing SAN Options-Part1
  • Comparing SAN Options-Part2
  • Understanding ISNS DCB And MPIO
  • Configuring File And Folder Sharing In Windows Server-Part1
  • Configuring File And Folder Sharing In Windows Server-Part2
  • Configuring File And Folder Sharing In Windows Server-Part3
  • Configuring Advanced File Services With FSRM-Part1
  • Configuring Advanced File Services With FSRM-Part2
  • Configuring Advanced File Services With FSRM-Part3
Module 4: Implementing Hyper-V Virtualization and Containers
  • Installing Hyper-V Virtualization
  • Configuring Storage And Networking In Hyper-VHosts-Part1
  • Configuring Storage And Networking In Hyper-VHosts-Part2
  • Configuring And Managing Virtual Machines-Part1
  • Configuring And Managing Virtual Machines-Part2
  • Understanding Windows Server And Hyper-VContainers
  • Deploying Windows Server And Hyper-VContainers
  • Using Docker To Install Configure And Manage Containers
Module 5: Implementing High Availability
  • Overview Of High Availability And Disaster Recovery-Part1
  • Overview Of High Availability And Disaster Recovery-Part2
  • Implementing Network Load Balancing-Part1
  • Implementing Network Load Balancing-Part2
  • Planning And Configuring Failover Clustering-Part1
  • Planning And Configuring Failover Clustering-Part2
  • Planning And Configuring Failover Clustering-Part3
  • Managing A Failover Cluster
  • Integrating Failover Clustering And Hyper-V-Part1
  • Integrating Failover Clustering And Hyper-V-Part2
  • Configuring Site Availability
Module 6: Maintaining and Monitoring Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server Update Services-Part1
  • Windows Server Update Services-Part2
  • Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration
  • Windows Server 2016 Monitoring Tools-Part1
  • Windows Server 2016 Monitoring Tools-Part2
  • Conclusion


Excellent course. Provides a good insight into the various aspects of being a designer, in a very clear and simple way. Manish Malhotra very openly expresses his experiences and reveals key elements of the profession.

Shikha Menon, IN

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Mayank Dhoot, IN


Suchita Jain, IN



Amazing course with the right set of modules,assignments and notes.Grew so much as an artist!

Nandini Mehrotra, IN

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Deepika Khankhra, IN

Good sesion in this COVID time and great things learnt from Manish sir and the exercise are really effective I have done only main main exercise due to time lack between my professional and personal work. Over all we can get many insights from the personal experiences of Manish sir


I found it very helpful. All my queries also sought by teachers from time to time. I really enjoyed this course. Thank you.

Chetna ., IN

Very informative course for beginners. Go for it..

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Well designed and informative course.

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Loved it! So glad i did it.

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This course was very useful, as it helped me get a better understanding of fashion designing and the fashion industry. And I think if someone is looking for a career in fashion designing, then this course is for them.

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This course has taught me a lot about fashion on body types and starter packs on how to stay prepared at all times. This course has also improved my portfolio building.

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I have found this course to be exceptionally good and instructive for me. The structure of the modules to include Course Notes, Videos and Lecturers is a very seamless flow allows for ease of learning. It has been really 'eye opening' for me. Thank you so much.

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Really everything is well explained the best part is module notes. This course is enhancing my knowledge and helping me to polish my fashion skills ♥️

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