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CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+)

The CompTIA CASP+ training course, Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP-003) course provides advanced-level training in risk management, enterprise security operations and architecture, research and collaboration, and integration of enterprise security. It covers all of the new exam objectives for the CAS-003 exam. The CompTIA CASP+ certification is the highest-level security certification offered by CompTIA and is the final step in achieving the new CompTIA Security Analytics Expert (CSAE) or Security Infrastructure Expert (CSIE) stackable certification.

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Course Overview

The CompTIA CASP+ training course, Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP-003) course provides advanced-level training in risk management, enterprise security operations and architecture, research and collaboration, and integration of enterprise security. It covers all of the new exam objectives for the CAS-003 exam. The CompTIA CASP+ certification is the highest-level security certification offered by CompTIA and is the final step in achieving the new CompTIA Security Analytics Expert (CSAE) or Security Infrastructure Expert (CSIE) stackable certification.

Course Lesson Preview Video

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In this course you will advance your skills in the following areas:

  • Risk Management
  • Enterprise Security Architecture
  • Enterprise Security Operations
  • Technical Integration of Enterprise Security
  • Research, Development and Collaboration

This course is intended for advanced students and cyber security practitioners who will implement cyber security. Successful completion of prerequisite courses in Security+ and CySA+ and PenTest+ is highly recommended.

Modules Covered

Module 1 - Risk Management

  • Intro CASP
  • CASP Introduction
  • Mod 1.1 Exploring Cloud Services Act
  • Mod 1.1 Acquisition Merger Demerger
  • Mod 1.1 Acquisition Merger Demerger Part2
  • Mod 1.2 Compare and Contrast
  • Mod 1.3 Given Scenario Execute Risk
  • Mod 1.3 Given Scenario Execute Risk Part2
  • Mod 1.3 Continuing Terminology IT Governance
  • Mod 1.4 Analyze Security Solution Metrics and Attributes
  • Mod 1.4 Analyze Risk
  • Mod 1.4 Trend Analysis Act

Module 2 - Enterprise Security Architecture

  • Mod 2 Enterprise Security Architecture
  • Mod 2.1 Network Device Security Act
  • Mod 2.1 Application and Protocol
  • Mod 2.1 Advanced Network Security Act
  • Mod 2.1 Complex Network Security Solution
  • Mod 2.1 Implementing VLANs Switchport Sec Act
  • Mod 2.1 Implementing VLANs Switchport Sec Act Part2
  • Mod 2.1 Distributed Denial of Service
  • Mod 2.1 Exploring DoS Attacks Act
  • Mod 2.1 Security Zones
  • Mod 2.1 Network Access Control
  • Mod 2.1 Searching for Vulnerablie ICS-SCADA Act
  • Mod 2.2 Analyze a Scenario Integrate Security
  • Mod 2.2 Configuring Windows Firewall Act
  • Mod 2.2 Log Monitoring and Auditing
  • Mod 2.2 Group Policy Act
  • Mod 2.2 Patch Management
  • Mod 2.2 Management Interface
  • Mod 2.2 Measured Launch
  • Mod 2.3 Analyze a Scenario to Integrate Security Controls
  • Mod 2.3 Security Implications Privacy
  • Mod 2.3 Baseband
  • Mod 2.4 Given Software Vulnerabilty Scenarios
  • Mod 2.4 SQL Injection Act
  • Mod 2.4 Improper Error and Exception Handling
  • Mod 2.4 Buffer Overflows Act
  • Mod 2.4 Memory Leaks
  • Mod 2.4 Researching Vulnerabilities Exploits Act

Module 3 - Enterprise Security Operations

  • Mod 3 Enterprise Security Operations
  • Mod 3 Runtime Debugging
  • Mod 3.1 Fingerprinting an OS Services Act
  • Mod 3.1 Code Review
  • Mod 3.1 Conducting OSINT Act
  • Mod 3.1 Types
  • Mod 3.1 Conducting a Vulnerability Assessment Act
  • Mod 3.2 Analyze a Scenario Output
  • Mod 3.2 Network Sniffing Act
  • Mod 3.2 Security Content Automation
  • Mod 3.2 Using a SCAP Scanner Act
  • Mod 3.2 Network Enumerator
  • Mod 3.2 Password Cracking Act
  • Mod 3.2 Host Vulnerability Scanner
  • Mod 3.2 Using Command Line Tools Act
  • Mod 3.2 OpenSSL
  • Mod 3.2 Scanning for Heartbleed Act
  • Mod 3.2 Local Exploitation Tools
  • Mod 3.2 Verifying File Integrity with SFC Act
  • Mod 3.2 Log Analysis Tools
  • Mod 3.3 Given Scenario Implement Incident
  • Mod 3.3 Facilitate Incident Detection Response
  • Mod 3.3 Using Incident Response Support Tools Act
  • Mod 3.3 Severity of Incident Detection Breach

Module 4 - Technical Integration of Enterprise Security

  • Mod 4 Technical Integration of Enterprise
  • Mod 4 Technical Integration of Enterprise Part2
  • Mod 4.1 DataSecurity Considerations
  • Mod 4.1 Examing Network Diagrams Act
  • Mod 4.1 Security and Privacy Considerations of Storage integration
  • Mod 4.1 Exploring Directory Services and DNS Act
  • Mod 4.2 Given Scenario Integrate Cloud and Virtualization
  • Mod 4.2 Taking Another Look at Cloud Services Act
  • Mod 4.2 Security Advantages and Disadvanatges of Virtualization
  • Mod 4.2 Using Virtualization Act
  • Mod 4.2 Cloud Augmented Security
  • Mod 4.3 Given Scenario Integrate and Troubleshoot Advanced Authentication
  • Mod 4.4 Given Scenario Cryptographic
  • Mod 4.4 Cryptographic Part2
  • Mod 4.4 Mobile Device Encryption
  • Mod 4.4 Cryptography Act
  • Mod 4.5 Select the Appropriate Control
  • Mod 4.5 Phising Act
  • Mod 4.5 Telephony VoIP Integration

Module 5 - Research, Development and Collaboration

  • Mod 5 Research Methods to Determine Industry Trends
  • Mod 5.1 Practicing Threat Intelligence Act
  • Mod 5.2 Scenario Implememt Security Activities Across
  • Mod 5.2 Static Testing
  • Mod 5.3 Explain the Importance of Interaction
  • CASP Conclusion


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Janhvi Gaikwad, IN

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This course has taught me a lot about fashion on body types and starter packs on how to stay prepared at all times. This course has also improved my portfolio building.

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I have found this course to be exceptionally good and instructive for me. The structure of the modules to include Course Notes, Videos and Lecturers is a very seamless flow allows for ease of learning. It has been really 'eye opening' for me. Thank you so much.

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