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Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition enables users to elevate audio for amazing sound. Audition is an all-in-one audio editing application and is one of the best audio mixing software programs. It is used by a variety of creators ranging from musicians and podcasters to video producers. It works seamlessly with other Adobe applications like Premiere Pro and After Effects, which allows you to work on the same files within different applications and be able to record, edit, and mix audio just like the pros!

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Course Overview

Adobe Audition enables users to elevate audio for amazing sound. Audition is an all-in-one audio editing application and is one of the best audio mixing software programs. It is used by a variety of creators ranging from musicians and podcasters to video producers. It works seamlessly with other Adobe applications like Premiere Pro and After Effects, which allows you to work on the same files within different applications and be able to record, edit, and mix audio just like the pros!

In this course, students will learn basic and advanced features.  Some of the information students will gain include the following:

  • How to set up Adobe Audition
  • The Audition Interface
  • Waveform Editing Effects
  • Audio Restoration
  • Mastering Sound Design
  • Creating and Recording Files
  • Multitrack Sessions
  • Multitrack Session Editing

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Module 1: Getting Started

  • 1.1 Instructor Introduction
  • 1.2 Course Introduction

Module 2: Getting to Know Adobe Audition

  • 2.1 Setting Up Your Workspace and Using Shortcuts

Module 3: The Interface

  • 3.1 Setting Up and Adjusting Your Workspace
  • 3.3 Navigating the Media Browser
  • 3.4 Create a Short Cut to Media and Basic Dive into the Editor Panel

Module 4: Waveform Editing

  • 4.1 Opening Audio and Video Files
  • 4.2 Making a Basic Adjustment in the HUD
  • 4.3 Skipping and Deleting Unwanted Portions of Audio
  • 4.4 Quickly Insert Silence into an Audio Track
  • 4.5 Using the Zero Crossing Tool to Remove Pops in Audio
  • 4.6 Cut, Copy and Paste Phrases and Use Multiple Clipboards
  • 4.7 Merge Sections of Audio with Mix Paste
  • 4.8 Create a Loop
  • 4.9 Add an Audio Fade

Module 5: Effects

  • 5.1 Working With Effects
  • 5.2 Gain Staging
  • 5.3 Applying the Effect
  • 5.4 Amplitude and Compression
  • 5.5 Delay and Echo Effects
  • 5.6 Filter and EQ Effects
  • 5.7 Modulation Effects
  • 5.8 Reverb Effects
  • 5.9 Special Effects
  • 5.10 Stereo Imagery Effects
  • 5.11 Time and Pitch Effects
  • 5.12 Audio Plugin Manager and Effects Menu vs Effects Rack
  • 5.13 Invert, Reverse, Silence and Generate Effects
  • 5.14 Match Loudness and Additional Effects
  • 5.15 Create Effect Presets and Favorites

Module 6: Audio Restoration

  • 6.1 Hiss Reduction
  • 6.2 Crackle, Pop and Click Reduction
  • 6.3 Broadband Noise Reduction
  • 6.4 Hum Reduction
  • 6.5 Removing Artifacts Manually
  • 6.6 Automated Sound Removal

Module 7: Mastering

  • 7.1 Parametric Equalizer and Equalization
  • 7.2 Multi Band Compressor and Dynamic Processing
  • 7.3 Reverb and Ambience
  • 7.4 Stereo Imaging
  • 7.5 Diagnostic Tools and Metering

Module 8: Sound Design

  • 8.1 Generate Noise and Tones
  • 8.2 Generate Speech Based on Text
  • 8.3 Use a Sound File to Create Various Sound Effects Pt 1
  • 8.4 Use a Sound File to Create Various Sound Effects Pt 2
  • 8.5 Extracting Frequency Bands with the Frequency Band Splitter

Module 9: Creating and Recording Files

  • 9.1 Create a Project and Record Into the Waveform Editor
  • 9.2 Recording Into the MultiTrack Editor
  • 9.3 Check Remaining Free Space for Recording on Hard Drive
  • 9.4 Dragging Files Into Audition Directly From a Computer
  • 9.5 Import Tracks from a CD

Module 10: Multitrack Sessions

  • 10.1 Create a Multitrack session and Template
  • 10.2 Multitrack and Waveform Editor Integration
  • 10.3 Change Track Colors and Tracks Panel
  • 10.4 Track Controls and Creating Busses
  • 10.5 Channel Mapping in the Multitrack Editor
  • 10.6 Multitrack Editor Effects Rack

Module 11: Multitrack Session Editing

  • 11.1 Create a Session, Add Clips and Adjust Timing
  • 11.2 Mix Down Session Into a New Audio Track
  • 11.3 Adjusting the Timing of a Clip to Match a Specific Range of Time
  • 11.4 Clip Editing Techniques and Effects

Module 12: Additional Features and strong

  • 12.1 Advanced Features to Consider and Conclusion

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