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  • Online Luxury Wedding planner course - lectured by celebrity wedding planner.
  • Learn on any device or any browser over a period of 12 months.
  • The course comprises video lecture, notes & exercises for students to work on.
  • Every successful student will get a certificate of completion by JD Campus London.

Plan Your Own Celbrity Style Luxury Wedding!

JD Campus London is a leading London Fashion College and part of the Global JD Institute brings you an exclusive & accredited e-learning course on Luxury Wedding Planner. If you have ever thought to organize a luxury wedding for yourself or for someone else and love those wedding programs on TV then keep reading. Fancy yourself as the next Lady Elizabeth Anson?, this online course may be the right place to start. Our E-learning courses are built to the same standard as our classroom courses but give our students a chance to learn from anywhere and at their own comfort.

The Course

Following JD Campuses teaching philosophy, our e-learning course is highly interactive with self assessment test and video lecture so good, that you will hardly miss the classroom experience of our traditional courses. Our responsive e-learning hub gives you the freedom of studying on your tablet, PC or smart phone. This course includes 10 modules of study and research and it includes your role as a wedding planner, lavished themed weddings and choosing the right suppliers and staff for the big day. Modules comes with associated exercises self-evaluated by the student. Upon course completion, learners are awarded with a certificate of completion from JD Campus London.

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Your role as a wedding planner - How to approach clients, The importance of excellence
  • Module 2: Everything you need to know about wedding ceremonies - A guide to religious wedding ceremonies, A guide to civil ceremonies, Guiding clients: the etiquette
  • Module 3: The perfect overseas wedding - The importance of planning and organization, Overseas wedding checklist, Precautions
  • Module 4: Lavish themed weddings - Themed wedding: Everything you need to know, Making the magic happen, A quick guide to popular themes
  • Module 5: Organizing supplies and staff for the big day - Outfit, Flowers 101, Preparations
  • Module 6: Freelancing from home - Setting up: some easy steps, Freelancing and the law
  • Module 7: How to manage your staff - A quick guide to management
  • Module 8: Luxury event planning - Planning a luxurious event, Event planning from A to Z
  • Module 9: Attention to detail - Organizing a fabulous event
  • Module 10: Interacting with others - How to manage interactions through out an event,Access to Photo gallery for decor Ideas


Bonus: Access to Photo gallery for decor Ideas


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Sarah Balfour

Specialty: Luxury Wedding Planning

  • Organises celebrity luxury weddings and events across the globe
  • Featured in magazines & TV shows 
  • Sarah plays piano and runs a sucessful music company  

Q. What are the eligibility criteria for an e-learning course?

There is no eligibility, as long as you are 16 years or over and have found the course of your choice you can purchase and complete the course.

Q. How long do I have access to the course?

You will have unlimited access for 12 months from your first login date.

Q. What if I do not understand something on the course?

We have a learner's support team, you can contact them from the learning hub for any query that you may have during the learning process.

Q. If I change my mind after purchase, can I cancel it for a refund?

Sorry, we do not accept cancellations or process a refund once the login details are provided.

Q. Do I get a certificate?

Yes you will get a certificate of completion.

Q. I have a voucher code where do I redeem it?

The merchant who you have purchased your voucher from will have provided you with a redemption link. You will have to enter the code, your name and email address. After the code is accepted you will receive your login details to access the course.

Q. When do I get my login credentials to access the course?

Once you have successfully paid for the course, an email with your login credentials will be sent to you so you can access the course.

Q. Can I access the course on a tablet or a smartphone?

Yes, our website is responsive, which means you can view the lectures and read the notes on a tablet or a smartphone.

To leave a review, please login to your student admin area and leave a review on any course you are currently enrolled on.

The course is easy to do, easy reading and great to do in your own time if you have a busy lifestyle. It’s full of great information to help you get started to becoming a wedding planner.

Posted By Vicky graham, GB on 26th Aug, 2018

Video was very informative.. Next step.. The course..

Posted By ELAINE CLARK, GB on 16th Mar, 2018

I really enjoyed this course! And have learned so much valuable information! I am excited about this career! And because of this course I feel confident in my ability to become a successful wedding coordinator!

Posted By Mary Vascik, US on 27th Jan, 2018

Very informative thank you

Posted By Miltrida Sibanyoni, GB on 14th Jan, 2018

I have been involved in various events, including weddings, for the past four years on the operations side and been familiar with most of what is covered in the course I would love to recommend the course to anyone who is either starting with weddings or needs a refreshment of their knowledge. Very well structured and well presented information, really glad I did the course. The reason I am giving 4 out of 5 stars is that in 2017 (soon to be 2018) a course cannot rely on plain text only, in the end of the day it is not a book a person's paid for but for a full learning experience. A blend of video lectures, interactive exercises and quizes popping up every now and again not only in the end of a lecture would help learners from all types - some people prefer visual, others like listening to information, third read and would be good to have a little something for all. Personally I loved the course and would recommend it to others. Many thanks guys and have a great new year!

Posted By Ralitsa Arnaudova, GB on 30th Dec, 2017

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the team in having me on board for my Luxury Wedding Planner course.

Posted By Ibrar Ahmed, GB on 28th Oct, 2017

I'm really enjoying the course so far the app is easy to use and it's very informative!

Posted By NIKKI Northrup, GB on 23rd Oct, 2017

This course is very detailed and in depth and helped me gain a great understanding to Luxury Wedding Planning, I enjoyed doing the course a lot as it helped my creativity stand out and it was a great opportunity as it is an online course which helps as I also has work. Would recommend to everyone.

Posted By Vanessa , GB on 20th Sep, 2017

Very informative great start to the course

Posted By Nicola Hunter, GB on 19th Sep, 2017

Very well composed all reading material relevant and helpful

Posted By Sarah-jade , GB on 10th Aug, 2017

Good course

Posted By Joanne Parkin, GB on 9th Aug, 2017

Wonderful video and very informative I’m really looking forward to doing this course.

Posted By Tracie Long, GB on 8th Aug, 2017

Great advice

Posted By Laura mott, GB on 2nd Aug, 2017

The Luxury Wedding Planner Course was very informative and fun! It is suitable for aspiring wedding planners looking for a reliable, professional detailed wedding planner course. The modules were very interesting, and quizzes as well as exercises were very well put together. I would definitely recommend this course to a friend.

Posted By Kayvern Collins, VG on 27th Jan, 2017

Found this course very easy to follow, I have enjoyed learning about all the different areas of the course and of the role of a wedding Planner.

Posted By Hayley Thurlow, GB on 3rd Oct, 2016

Excellent course, gives a good start with all of the basic information needed to progress a career in wedding planning.

Posted By Amy Missing, GB on 12th Aug, 2016

Towards the end of planning my own wedding I started to think about how lost I would be when it was all over! I decided to sign on to this course so that I could start a new career in this field after my wedding.

I would definitely recommend, very easy to navigate through the modules, all the information is layed out well and after completing the course I feel as though I could plan a wedding tomorrow. Very useful and informative (: I really look forward to receiving my certificate and getting started!

Posted By Charlotte Suckling, GB on 11th Aug, 2016

This course was filled with so much information! What I learned in this course will benefit me almost everywhere. Loved it!

Posted By Shelley Ann, IE on 6th Aug, 2016

Excellent course, learnt a lot and easy to naivgate

Posted By Christina baxter, GB on 5th Aug, 2016

I have so much in joyed doing the luxury wedding course , learning about all the different cultures . I have enjoyed using my imagination and searching for ideas for planing a weddings from start to finish . My friends have in joyed been my clients and we have had fun doing it .
thank you Lynn Spurling

Posted By lynn spurling, GB on 31st Jul, 2016

The course was very easy to follow and gave a huge amount of detail on both the wedding planning process but also the steps to take to start off a wedding planning business. Massively useful!!

Posted By Rebecca Hudson, GB on 14th Jul, 2016

Very helpful! Thank you :)

Posted By Lily Birtles, GB on 5th Jun, 2016

Beautiful video

Posted By Eleonora laiacona, GB on 2nd Jun, 2016

I would highly recommend doing the Luxury Wedding Planning Course. Sarah is an excellent tutor!

Posted By Lorna Snee, IE on 27th May, 2016

i really enjoyed doing this course and it will help me with my career /businees

Posted By lisa hamblin, GB on 19th Mar, 2016

I have enjoyed the course , I have gained a lot more information not just on luxury weddings, but on business information, it helped doing some of the course work. I'm now looking forward to receiving my certificate, and would recommend this course.

Posted By Trina Bates, GB on 18th Mar, 2016

I found that the text was very informative, though some of my questions I needed to recap. Also there were a few errors in the quiz questions and I had to go through them a few times for clarity. There were a few terms that I was unfamiliar with which I did not find in the text. Overall, I would recommend this course to others who are interested in this area. The final module I found detailed and well structured, though I was unclear as to whether I had to complete and submit those small tasks. It would be beneficial for future students to submit at least one task from each module to see if they are on the right track when completing the exercises.

Posted By Teresa Davis, GB on 9th Mar, 2016

This course is very informative and is very detailed. It covers all aspects that you would wish to find in a course and even goes beyond.

I thoroughly enjoyed my course and the exercises it contains.

Thank you very much

Kathryn Brooker

Posted By Kathryn Brooker, GB on 2nd Feb, 2016

i really enjoyed the course. It gave me the basic understanding of the art of organization. Now i can improve myself in the field. Thank you!

Posted By Anastasia Pallo, GB on 16th Nov, 2015

Hi I'm new and I would to get more information in how to do this course. I don't know which is the next step I have to take if can help me.

Posted By Diana Torres, US on 10th Nov, 2015

Eventually I have started my Luxury Wedding Planner course and im so excited to get stuck into it

Posted By Rachael , GB on 13th Oct, 2015

Video was highly interesting and extremely helpful.

Posted By Amanda , GB on 27th Sep, 2015

Great job

Posted By Ronnie Padayhag, US on 27th Jun, 2015

Simple ideas to create dream weddings,,,,

Posted By Nancy L. Arcayna, US on 5th Jun, 2015

I have now finished the course, it was easy to follow and i found the information provided very useful and informative. I would recommend this course to any one looking to move forward in this line of work.

Posted By Pavla Johnson, GB on 19th Feb, 2015

It was pleasure taking the course -

Posted By Josh, US on 9th Jan, 2015

my wedding will definitely be a luxury wedding - Thanks JD campus for this course

Posted By Angela, GB on 6th Jan, 2015

it has been good - the exercises really help

Posted By Ellie, US on 27th Dec, 2014

I know by doing this course how to make my big day perfect and luxurious!

Posted By Pippa , GB on 5th Nov, 2014

I did a wedding planner course before this, however by doing this luxury course I now really want to become a wedding planner!

Posted By Christian , GB on 26th Oct, 2014

Lecture by Sarah is amazing!

Posted By Electra , GB on 17th Oct, 2014

I am satisfied with the purchase...

Posted By Ellie, GB on 30th Sep, 2014