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  • Hair & Make up/ Bridal Hair & Make up taught by our experienced and professional tutor Carlos Palma
  • Enjoy the felxibility and freedom of completing course work on your own schedule
  • Learn online, on any device and browser over a 12 month period
  • Every successful student will get a course completion certificate from JD Campus

Start Your Journey To Become A complete Hair & Make Up Stylist with Bridal Hair & Make Up

JD Campus London is a leading London Fashion College and part of the Global JD Institute brings you an exclusive & accredited e-learning course on hair & make up artistry. Begin your journey with us exploring different hair & make up designs for different occasions. Learn the basics that can one day lead you to being the next Michael Ashton, who now works with celebrities such as Adele, Zac Efron, and Hilary Swank. Our E-learning courses are built to the same standard as our classroom courses but give our students a chance to learn from anywhere and at their own comfort.

The Course

Following JD Campuses teaching philosophy, our e-learning course is highly interactive with assignments and video lectures which are so good, that you will hardly miss the classroom experience of our traditional courses. Our responsive e-learning hub gives you the freedom of studying on your tablet, PC or smart phone. This course includes 9 modules on Hair & Make Up Artistry & Bridal Hair & Make Up. Upon course completion learners are awarded with a certificate of completion from JD Campus.

Course Modules

  • Module 1. Introduction & Tool Kit
  • Module 2. A Complete Guide To Eye Make Up - Extra on How to do the perfect Smokey Eye, Covering up dark circles and how to do the perfect Cat Eyes.
  • Module 3. Day to Evening Look - Eyebrows, Eyelashes, Contouring ,Foundation, Lips and cheeks, Evening Hair & Evening Make Up
  • Module 4. Different Face Shape & Skin Type Make Up - Square,Round,Heart, Average (video demonstration)
  • Module 5. Makeovers & Makeup for Film and Magazines - Classic Hair & Makeup, Glamourus Hair & Makeup, Photo ready, hollywood look
  • Module 6: Bridal Make Up How to create Vintage looks - 20s 30s & 40s 
  • Module 7: Bridal Hair & Makeup How to create Unique / Strong look
  • Module 8: Bridal Hair & Makeup How to create Romantic look
  • Module 9: Bridal Hair & Makeup How to create Classic & Modern looks 

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Carlos Palma

Specialty: Hair & Makeup

  • Accredited reputation in New York, Miami and London, major Fashion Capitals
  • Classical art training background, with over 20 years of fashion experience
  • Worked & works with many photographers, stylists, publishers and celebrities

Q. What are the eligibility criteria for an e-learning course?

There is no eligibility, as long as you are 16 years or over and have found the course of your choice you can purchase and complete the course.

Q. How long do I have access to the course?

You will have unlimited access for 12 months from your first login date.

Q. What if I do not understand something on the course?

We have a learner's support team, you can contact them from the learning hub for any query that you may have during the learning process.

Q. If I change my mind after purchase, can I cancel it for a refund?

Sorry, we do not accept cancellations or process a refund once the login details are provided.

Q. Do I get a certificate?

Yes you will get a certificate of completion.

Q. I have a voucher code where do I redeem it?

The merchant who you have purchased your voucher from will have provided you with a redemption link. You will have to enter the code, your name and email address. After the code is accepted you will receive your login details to access the course.

Q. When do I get my login credentials to access the course?

Once you have successfully paid for the course, an email with your login credentials will be sent to you so you can access the course.

Q. Can I access the course on a tablet or a smartphone?

Yes, our website is responsive, which means you can view the lectures and read the notes on a tablet or a smartphone.

To leave a review, please login to your student admin area and leave a review on any course you are currently enrolled on.

In my opinion this course is brilliant. I really only wanted to do hair ups ect . But I have to admit i am loving it all. And I’m shocking myself and all my friends with the makeup . I am excited to finish the course. .. I would definitely recommend it to anyone . If I can do well then trust me you can . I wasn’t girly until I started this course. . I would love to do one in person with Carlos palma. .

Posted By Michelle Edmondson, GB on 30th Sep, 2018

The tutor has a wide knowledge of the course, his approach was made as simple and as basic to deliver a greater understanding of it. The learning process was great and I have given the opportunities to learn other techniques.

Posted By Chester Fernandez, GB on 15th Jan, 2018

The course is a informative course. I enjoyed the videos, and I look forward to using the skills I have learnt.

Posted By Mary storer-rogers, GB on 25th Oct, 2017

An a good example on what kind of products are needed in our make up bag.

Posted By Rita Kaur, GB on 11th Oct, 2017

I completed the Hair & Make Up + Bridal Course through JD Campus London online and I am confident with the knowledge and learning experience that this class has taught me to start tomorrow as an official make-up artist! This class was very informative! From the first to the last module, I had a positive and eager to learn attitude in completing the reading material and watching the videos by taking notes from start to finish! Thank you so much! I highly recommend this class to anyone that wants to become a make up artist!

Posted By Jamie Johnson, US on 3rd Oct, 2017

Very pleased with products

Posted By Suwanna , GB on 2nd Oct, 2017

Great course, value for money

Posted By Heena Azim, GB on 25th Sep, 2017

this course was brilliant as a first timer in make-up. So relaxed and easy to understand.....I would highly reccomend

Posted By Lucy Spooner, GB on 21st Sep, 2017

This course is a great way to get started on becoming a hair and make up artist. The video demonstrations are very detailed and precise. It is also a good way if you don't quite understand as you can re watch. The quiz at the end of each module are great as you can retake them and the module notes are a great help. I feel confident I can go out on my own as an artist knowing I have picked up some great skills from this course.

Posted By Nicola woodhouse, GB on 19th Sep, 2017

I found this course very helpful and enjoyed learning new skills. I haven't received my certificate yet so would like to have that to show everybody my achievement.

Posted By Poppy Blythe, GB on 12th Sep, 2017

Videos are really understanding

Posted By Ellie Parker, GB on 10th Sep, 2017

Thank you, your tutorial was very informative and helpful in my continuing study of this subject. 😃

Posted By Nicole McLaren, AU on 6th Sep, 2017

This course was very informative, the demonstration videos are on point and hold your interest throughout. Definitely worth doing if you want to learn about hair styling and makeup application. Whether it is just for yourself or to start a new hobby or career.


Posted By Memuna Ougradar, GB on 2nd Sep, 2017

I started this course instead of doing another year in sixth-form and it was one of the best decisions I made! the classes where easy to understand and the module notes very descriptive. I 100% recommend to anyone who is not a school lover like me or has a lot of time to spare. It took me under a year to complete and i'm so happy I did it. I have learnt so much in the 10 months I've been doing it.

Posted By Kadi Berrie, GB on 1st Jun, 2017

Very interesting and helpful great advise

Posted By Debbie mclean, GB on 29th Apr, 2017

Love the course, helped me massively in confidence and to get techniques right.

Posted By Stacie jones, GB on 6th Apr, 2017


Posted By Jessica Collins, US on 4th Apr, 2017

I absolutely loved this course from start to finish! I shall definitely be looking into doing more with JD Campus, they do a fabulous job!

Posted By Mrs Vicki, GB on 4th Apr, 2017

this is a really helpful course and ive learnt so many different tips and tricks and have improved my make up and hair ability.

Posted By Joanna , GB on 25th Mar, 2017

Absolutely loved the course! Great makeup lessons and lovely bridal looks. Carlos is a fantastic teacher.

Posted By Paulina Majgier, GB on 4th Mar, 2017

I took this course not knowing what to expect. Carlos is a very thorough teacher that covers basic and advanced techniques to cater to each client. There were tips for makeup application I had never heard before, and appreciated his honesty in how to build a makeup kit that is versatile and functional. Highly recommend this course.

Posted By Jaime Buelterman, US on 13th Feb, 2017

I really enjoyed this course. I was able to complete it in less than 12 months. I dedicated alot of time in this course on a daily basis because its something that im very passionate about!

Posted By Roosevelt Laquan, US on 11th Feb, 2017

this is a good course but its very difficult to get models when you don't have a lot of friends or they just don't want to help you and I think adding some photos from google or magazines should be enough, I want to show what I can do but I just do not have people around me who want to model for me. the tutor is great and informative and gives great styling ideas to finish off different looks in make up.

Posted By Catherine Margaret, AU on 20th Dec, 2016

Absolutely loved this course. Found it so useful and interesting. Thanks!

Posted By Hannah Howlett, AU on 20th Nov, 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. There were so many tricks and tips picked up during the classes I can use in my daily routine along with doing other's makeup. Thank you!!

Posted By Elizabeth Rhoades, US on 7th Nov, 2016

very good course very insightful and helpful

Posted By Katie Ryan, IE on 6th Nov, 2016

im love everything im learning in JD campus :)

Posted By Flor parra, US on 25th Sep, 2016

Great course!

Posted By Zahra Al-chokhachi, US on 19th Sep, 2016

Learned some great tips

Posted By Tracey poole, GB on 18th Sep, 2016

Love it! The instructor is very informative and provide clear instructions.

Posted By Jennifer De Leon, US on 3rd Sep, 2016

Lovely, very informative and interesting!

Posted By Alisa A, US on 26th Aug, 2016

I would highly recommend this course as it covers all the basics and more also its an easy course to follow. It has given me the confidence to start my journey as a makeup artist.

Posted By Fiona coyne, IE on 17th Aug, 2016

Just started and i have already learned soo much!

Posted By Karen , US on 22nd Jul, 2016

Absolutely stunning Course.
Tutor Carlos Palma is highly professional but so passionate with humour on the side!
Sharing his knowledge with each step, he is truly a Mentor to follow.

Posted By Stella Horne, ZA on 20th Jul, 2016

The course was very interesting and helpful with good advice and tips.
The videos were very informative especially when explaining why certain products should be used.

Posted By JASMINE MCLEAN, GB on 15th Jul, 2016

I love it I learn alot

Posted By Dina , US on 12th Jul, 2016

Very informative course and shows various amounts of looks.

Posted By Sarah Mcloughlin, IE on 6th Jul, 2016

Thank you Carlos and Team.

I loved watching and learning.What a great school to learn.

Many blessings for the future

Thanks Chantiss

Posted By Chantiss , AU on 5th Jul, 2016

I'm learning a lot in this course. The only disadvantage is that I wish Carlos used a dark-skinned model as well because it's hard to relate in terms of styling hair and what shades of makeup to use e.g. for eyeshadow and lip colour when going for the natural day look.

Posted By Niece Nmezu, GB on 22nd Jun, 2016

I have loved playing with makeup and creating new looks for events, parties, weddings, etc. This course has helped me learn many new techniques I can apply when doing people's makeup and it has also helped me become more aware of the science which comes behind the makeup such as the bone structures of the face and becoming more aware on what features are more dominant and should be shown more based on the different face shapes. I found this course very easy to complete and educational with the module notes, exercises and videos which are clear and go in-depth.

Posted By Shyann , GB on 21st Jun, 2016

The course is fantastic.
Learnt a lot. Thank you very much.

Posted By Given Evans, GB on 13th Jun, 2016

incredible course. extremely well set out making it easy to follow. any problems or queries are dealt with quickly and professionally.
I would recommend this course to anyone.

Posted By Charlotte Gilbert, GB on 13th Jun, 2016

This course has been very informative and thorough. I've enjoyed working through the techniques and also started putting them to practice.
Now .... Practice makes perfect!! Thank you Carlos & JD Campus!!!

Posted By Tenique Naude, ZA on 12th May, 2016

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and am sad that my access has ended. 😢
This course has been so informative and much more extensive than I expected.
One of the main things that made the program so awesome was having Carlos as a tutor. He makes everything so accessible and takes the fear out of doing make up and hair.
Everything seems so simple the way he explains it and he instills confidence in you that you can do this, no problem. He teaches you tricks that you can tell he has learned after many years of experience and reiterates the main points in various lessons so the point sticks with you.
He teaches you so many looks, from daily classic looks to bridal and editorial.
I was so happy with his teaching; I'm acctually sad there's no master level course with Carlos as the tutor.
The only thing I would've liked was if the course materials would've had a whole section on hygiene; I think this acctually should be the first lesson any make up artist learns and should be emphasized. There is a little bit of info on hygiene in the course materials, but not too much. I think this is a very important addition!
Also I wish the course materials included an actual picture of a color wheel in the color theory section and a more detailed picture in the anatomy section, as some of the anatomy listed that you need to learn, is not in the diagram of the skull given and the diagram is also a little small. I wish there was a large picture of the skull with all of the anatomy labeled.
However, overall, I loved the program and would recommend it to anyone!

Posted By Kristy L. Alvarez, US on 4th May, 2016

Good day

I love makeup and all it has to offer, for years I did makeup for friends and family for weddings and matric balls etc. but never had the time to do a proper course.
This course was so help full and I really learned amazing amount of info in such a short time.
I am doing a Wedding this weekend and cant wait to apply all my new skills.
I already recommended the course to few people. thank you for the time you took to put together the study material and very, very informative videos.
Now I can finally do this for and extra income and not just for free, because I didn't have the proper qualifications.

Kind Regard
Super Exited

Posted By Suky Silver, ZA on 26th Apr, 2016

Excellent course. I really learnt a lot and feel more confident in doing different hairstyles. I also now know more about how to chose the right kind of foundation for a client and how to confidently chose the right kind of colours for their skin tones. Great

Posted By donna kolev, GB on 26th Apr, 2016

So excited, I can't wait to get started!!

Posted By Lisa Marie, GB on 25th Apr, 2016

amazing course, very understanding

Posted By rebecca lucas, GB on 22nd Apr, 2016

Good intro

Posted By Anucha Mora-Richards, GB on 17th Apr, 2016

Video was brief but semi informative

Posted By Donna Jordan, US on 1st Apr, 2016

A great course with a lot of interesting information. Thank you very much

Posted By Sascha Elske, GB on 13th Mar, 2016

So far everything has been smooth and I'm ready to start my course 😊

Posted By Alexis Michele, US on 6th Mar, 2016

Good information. Easy to understand.

Posted By Janna soileau, US on 27th Feb, 2016

Fantastic so far !! Really looking forward to get stuck into this course!

Posted By Avril Mackie, GB on 23rd Feb, 2016

Short introduction to make up and hair styling. Helpful.

Posted By Angela Hamilton-Williams, GB on 19th Feb, 2016

Brilliant loves doing this course everything was explained clearly and there's help if you need it

Posted By Louise wilcox, GB on 17th Feb, 2016

I must say I have quite enjoyed everyone of these courses the videos really helped for the hands on part of the course I learned so much more about the skin and the tips and tricks I really like using when I apply makeup on others thank you gor making this course available.

Posted By Alberta Medrano, US on 14th Feb, 2016

This course was so much fun and made me look at make up in a different way i love how i now know more skills and can not wait to get on with my new skills.

Posted By Naomi Garland, GB on 6th Feb, 2016

Good classes, really easy to learn!

Posted By , GB on 27th Jan, 2016

Pourrais je avoir les cours en français. Merci

Posted By Michèle Schyns, BE on 21st Jan, 2016

The course has been very knowledgeable and I learnt new tricks in the field. I also tried few of the make up. However with the hairstyling I will need more practice.

It was a good course to be recommended.

Posted By Kareshmah Oogarah, GB on 13th Jan, 2016

I really learned a lot about hair and make up being that I work construction and never able to take a class on my spare time and here I was able to take my time and learn.
Thank you

Posted By Elsa Rosa, US on 12th Jan, 2016

The course work was easy to understand and work through. The quizzes covered the important points of the material and the videos were very helpful.

Posted By Elmyra Joy Wilson, US on 27th Dec, 2015

I thought this was a great Basics tutorial that could go at your own pace. Even though I have been dabbling in makeup already, there are things I picked up that I never really thought about, like matching the foundation color to the collarbone and using the sponge not only the blend but to even out areas. Several new things I picked up in the Notes which you are somewhat forced to read in order to pass the quizzes. The color wheel is great. I've learned about it in Cosmetology school but never really used it. I am someone that normally uses only natural brown tones. Using colors, like purple, frightened me but I was very happy with the end results. Makeup has been taken by storm these days, but I am glad this shows how to still look natural and not caked like most tutorials.

Posted By Ebony Bisson Williams, US on 27th Dec, 2015

very informative and helpful !
learnt a lot

Posted By Juwairiya Ayhassin, ZA on 20th Dec, 2015

Great class and wonderful instructor
I learned a lot and very happy I purchased this class thank you

Posted By Rashad M, US on 10th Dec, 2015

I cannot view videos on my phone. I can only hear them

Posted By Zaida Abrahams, ZA on 26th Nov, 2015


Posted By Kelly vale, GB on 20th Nov, 2015

I love this course it was so entertaining, I have gained a lot of skills through this! I loved how it was all done online and done at your own pace.

Posted By Katie Jayne Iveson, GB on 27th Oct, 2015

Course is easy to follow, videos fun to watch, good value for money.

Posted By Jody Gough, GB on 21st Sep, 2015

Very informative.

Posted By Debra Prine, US on 26th Aug, 2015

I just want to let you know that I love the feature where we can expand the screen to full screen. I also love the fact that we can print the notes to PDF. Thank you for having those features.

Posted By Rawaty Yim, US on 25th Aug, 2015

Good overview of hair and make-up. I liked the tips. I also liked the tips/color wheel, oil based foundation, start collecting make-up brushes, palates of color for lips and eye shadows.

Posted By Maryanne , US on 25th Jul, 2015

Fab course very well explained the videos are fantastic all in all 10/10 from me

Posted By Megan Hodgson, GB on 14th Jul, 2015

I thought the Hair & Make Up + Bridal Course was very informative. The videos were great hands on, and I felt as if I were sitting right back in Cosmetology school. I can't wait to receive my certificate for Makeup. Great experience! Very rarely did I go through the course having questions, because maneuvering through the site was pretty simple. The only thing I had a possible "trying" time with, I would say is uploading photos I would have issues and sometimes uploading a single or multiple file it would show error. The class went by so fast! I know once I started and got into it, I was off. I had a great experience with JD Campus London, I would refer their e-learning classes, and I would also take another class with them.

Posted By Charis J. Ruth, US on 6th Jul, 2015

enjoyed the intro looking forward to the rest of the classes. Instructor very informative.

Posted By Diane Madden, US on 25th Jun, 2015

Hello i have completed my course and submitted all the relevant modules this is an Excellent course very easy to follow the steps and informative and has given me more knowledge

Posted By Verity Baumanis, GB on 24th Jun, 2015

So informative!!! Learned a lot of tips that I feel will make application so much easier!

Posted By Brittany Harris, US on 31st May, 2015

very good explanation about every type of eye make up.

Posted By SALMA , IE on 18th May, 2015

Very good with the basic stuff to learn😃 Very useful!!

Posted By Sinead , DK on 5th May, 2015

Great beginning course! Found the tips to be helpful as well as refreshing. The brush descriptions were my personal favorite for it something I am always trying to understand fully. Colour theory is also a wonderful topic and i hope to learn how to utilize it even further !

Posted By Andrea Norris, US on 2nd May, 2015

Great basics for getting a kit started and included a lot of things that I had not thought of for my kit. Looking forward to the other modules.

Posted By Paulette , US on 19th Apr, 2015

Informative course. I really appreciate the tips about the brushes and the information on the things that should always be in an artist's possession.

Posted By Karla L Stovall, US on 18th Apr, 2015

Very informative!

Posted By vanessa selda, US on 15th Apr, 2015

Can't wait to get started and learn how its done

Posted By Diane featherstone, GB on 31st Dec, 2014

Just started the course, but so far I am loving it :)

Posted By Alina, US on 31st Aug, 2014

The course is amazing! Everything is demonstrated very well and I was able to practice a ton of new looks on myself.

Posted By Richa , GB on 20th Aug, 2014

Like the way its all put together

Posted By Francisco , GB on 17th Jun, 2014