J D Campus London

Fashion Styling

This course has been designed to help you research and experiment with styling techniques, to develop and create your own individual style. This will culminate in the outcome of a fashion story for a photo-shoot. You will learn about the role of a stylist, different styles and get familiar with the work of photographers, and stylists. As well as building knowledge you will have the opportunity to develop your own concepts through experimentation. The module will include demonstrations, lectures and discussions and research.

The programme will include 10 modules of study and research work is based on contemporary fashion styling. On this course you will learn about:

  • Concepts
  • Mood boards
  • Working with photographers,hair and make up artists and models
  • Sourcing product & returns
  • Styling kit
  • Composition,colour and mood
  • Studio vs. location
  • Conceptual editorial styling vs. sales driven commercial styling
  • Film styling vs. photographic styling
  • Fashion editing


Course Duration

4 weeks

Upcoming Course date

27th of June 2015

Course Fee

We recommend you to refer to our Fees section for more details.


Classes will be held for 6-8 hours per week plus self-study and research.