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Fashion Marketing & Entrepreneurship

The Course

The course is designed to introduce key concepts and provide knowledge of commonly applied business and marketing techniques and an insight in the world of fashion.

You will explore how creative entrepreneurship and effective marketing can result in a sustainable brand that can respond to and grow in a fast paced industry that is driven by change. The course is aimed at would-be fashion entrepreneurs who want to create a business in the global fashion industry.

This course will help you to build entrepreneurial spirit by taking through the processes of creating a fashion brand from concept to success. You will have the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge in a full range of business areas that are needed to start, develop, grow and market a brand.

The programme will include 9 modules of study and research work. In this course you will learn:

  • Entrepreneurship in the fashion industry
  • Current Global Fashion Climate - Overview
  • Research & Interpretation of Global Fashion Trends
  • An Analysis of Consumer Profiles
  • Suitable Business Structure for starting a Fashion Label
  • Practical aspects of running a fashion business
  • Pros and Cons of being an entrepreneur
  • Understanding a Business Plan
  • Costing and Pricing


Course Duration

1 month

Course Fee

We recommend you to refer to our Fees section for more details.

Upcoming Course Date

27th of June 2015


Classes will be held for 6-8 hours per week plus self-study and research work.