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Become a Partner

Are you an independent course provider looking to take your course to new markets and students?  

Benefits of becoming a partner

With a little work, partners gain access to our marketing and delivery platform, adding an income stream that they were not utilizing before.  For partners there is literally no risk, we take care of the cost involved in uploading you courses and marketing campaigns.  We host the site and deal with all customer service.  You will get access to the student lists generated from the users enrolled on your course and get paid a pre agreed royalty fee per course.  What's the catch? Well we only take on courses that we believe will do well on our platform.  We can't guarantee sales for any course it's the market that ultimately decides that, we can only predict based on historical data,

Please take a look at the general partner criteria below and contact us if you feel you would be suitable at and one of our business development team will get right back to you.   

General Partner Requirements

  • Your course has great customer ratings and good reviews from their students
  • You have or have had a have a high number of students enrolling on your course or courses
  • You offer a course outside of our speciality of fashion, styling and design but can still further our students aspirational goals
  • We only invest in courses that we believe will work well in our markets as all parties involved should make revenue


More information

Partner Program Details

  • We upload your courses onto our platform, you will need to send us all the files of course!
  • We market, host and provide support for your course via our platform
  • We pay you an agreed fixed priced royalty fee per course sold at the end of each month
  • You get access to a provider portal, providing reporting on courses sold in real time
  • You also get access to a full list of student details for those that have enrolled on your course or courses

Platform Overview

  • Our platform works with all browsers, devices and screen sizes
  • We operate on more of a push strategy, actively marketing to prospective students
  • We go after that sweet spot of revenue, which is a fine balance of volume and margin, ensuring all parties make maximum returns
  • We market to an active student list of over 30,000 students in over 35 countries and 5 continents using newsletters & banners
  • We utilize JD Institutes global college network
  • We also market via our extensive affiliate network of sites that promote our products on a CPA basis
  • Great SEO practices on and off site have increased our rankings to a point that we now receive over 15,000 visits a month